Monday, February 28, 2005

What's On David's iPod?
Six Feet Under Title Theme (Remix)
Photek vs. Thomas Newman
Six Feet Under
(Yes, I am doing some catching up, aren't I?)

DVDs are an amazing thing. Friends with DVDs are even better.

We haven't yet made it to the end of the first season. Zelda's friend Anna has a new baby brother, born on Saturday - his name is Henry. Welcome, Henry!

So we had to drop everything this weekend to take care of Anna, which was cool. But it meant no time for dark comedies about death. We may polish them off tonight, who knows.

Yesterday was Toni's 30th week of pregnancy. Calvin was born dead at 30 weeks. Something of a milestone. Things began lightening up at this point with Zelda ... oh, who am I kidding, of course they didn't. But at least this wasn't hanging over our heads.

But we did watch the "crib death" episode the other night, Friday night. Yippee. Glad Rico was back, and I wasn't as antsy about the subject as the handling of the subject. Putting together words like "mild" and "preeclampsia" make me irritable, to say the least. And, of course, Rico's baby lived.

I was amused when Nate used the "some baby's are too good for this world" line on the parents of the deceased 3-week old. I hate it when people say things like that, and it made his character a little less perfect. He always knows the right thing to say to the bereaved, doesn't he? Uh, no, he doesn't. And who of us do?

Thursday, February 24, 2005

Funny Things

The internet is such a funny thing. Wait, in order to explain this extremely mundane fact, I need to back up a little ...

Toni and I have begun watching Six Feet Under from the beginning - we have borrowed the season one DVS from a friend. Great show. It's a little stunning in places, I mean, I get stunned. It began, what, in the summer of 2001? I seem to remember the promo on the sides of busses when we were in NYC from the 01 Fringe.

Sure, it's typical HBO dark humor - the places network t.v. can't go, the Mob-family sit-com (Sopranos), the prison-rape sit-com (OZ) so I figured the funeral home sit-com would be much of the same. But man, maybe I am simple or something, but all the frank talk about death and mourning is really ... refreshing. And that Peter Krause is something to look at. Mmn.

Anyway, and this was something - there's the episode about the 6 year-old who shoots himself. I was only wondering if they would go there (as the kids say) and there they were. There were images in that episode I never want to see again. Watching David scrub the boys fingernails was one thing. Watching him tie to boy's sneaker was another. I didn't think much of it at the time, but it has haunted me ever since.

Later, Nate is having another argument with Billy (I really hate Billy) this time over the significance of child death in society, and our inability to deal with it, and Brenda begins to quote my play.

Okay, she wasn't quoting my play, she was quoting whatever it is I quote in my play.

"Someone who loses a parent is an orphan, someone who loses a spouse is a widow or a widower. There is not word for the parent of a dead child."

I say in my play that "I read this somewhere." It was in a book called "Finding Hope When a Child Dies." And today I wanted to know where the author of that book got it from. I Googled the last line there - and got a bunch of references to my play, of course, I use that line a lot. I also found this conversation on from two years ago. People talking about me behind my back again.

The internet is such a funny thing.