Monday, October 25, 2010

No sh*t.

Always love to see how people will react when the subject pops up. We were watching Sherlock on PBS last night, a modern interpretation of the Sherlock Holmes myth set in 21st century London. It's brilliant.

I'll cut to the chase ...


One of the victims tried to scrawl the word "Rachel" into the wooden floor with her fingernails as she was dying. The police do a little research and find that she had a stillborn child fourteen years ago named Rachel. LaStrade, Holmes and Watson are at the crime scene, trying to deduce the significance of this clue, and how it relates to the murder suspect, who has been somehow driving people to kill themselves.

Watson: Maybe he talks to them, maybe he used the death of her daughter somehow....

Sherlock: That was ages ago, why would she still be upset?

(Everyone in the room is shocked into silence, which takes Holmes a brief moment to comprehend. He walks over to Watson.)

Sherlock: (quietly) Not good?

Watson: Bit of not good, yeah.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010


Saw Don't Call Me Fat at CPT last weekend, I am looking forward to Kill Will next weekend (it opens this Saturday.) Next Spring I will be presenting IHT and ATYD in the storefront space. There is a lot of work to do.

Josh needs to redesign the video for this show, and brush up the running play video. We have talked over a few things but really, he and Kelly have had their hands full with their own show. I have been happy to make notes and wait for my time. In the meanwhile I have been looking over my journals from 2000 and 2001.

Remember when you kept a journal? Man. So much spare time to sit, reflect and bitch. Children are a blessing, they teach you someone else's problems really are more important than yours. If that sounds snarky, it's not. It is true.

So this blog, my oldest blog, is over seven years old. It used to begin with the Minnesota Fringe, but now you can read edits from when we were pregnant with Calvin.

I have been posting these as they appear in "ten years ago today" increments on my Facebook page. I was surprised to find a comment left from someone (a fan?) in response to one of these:
are you whining? What's the problem? Puh-lease be finally happy- Shit-
It left me a little confused. Did she mean, am I still whining now about what happened then? Or did she think I wrote this now about then? Or is it a response left in ignorance of what was about the happen and why these little notes may be significant?

If they even are, I don't know. Puh-lease.