Saturday, October 11, 2003

A very good performance at the Walker Center. It was well attended, I think, I hope Ellen thinks so, too. Different crowd - I was nervous at first, so many health care professionals and their spouses, it seemed like a much older, more uptight (possibly, this was a prejudgement) crowd, but as Toni pointed out, they were much morelikely than most of my audiences to have ahad children, in addition to their intimate knowledge of what someone goes through in a hospital. They laughed more, they were with me more than most other audience have been. It was great.

Toni says she thinks it was the best she’s seen. I found this odd because I stumbled on a number of lines and felt an odd disconnect in places, but it was a different situation - no light changes, just sound to take me from one place to another. Toni says she liked that better, it was more me telling stories than having this "theatrical" thing imposed on it.

Already there are a number of people who want me to perform this in other places. And perhaps I shall.

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