Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Curse of the solo show.

My Little Kelly

6:50 PM

Once the house opens I will need to use the bathroom beneath Fefu's Kitchen (don't make me explain what that means, exactly.) So tonight I stick my head in Fefu's to check out whether or not they had, in fact, put the door on that bathroom. Kelly said I would be sharing it with the cast of FEVER/DREAM, and that is a normal sized cast.

I open the door, and there are ladies in there -- so I shut the door, embarrassed. WTF? Is F/D using that as a women's' dressing room? Carrie had seen me, and came out to say hi, and explain it's just hair and make-up.

A hair and make-up room? Damn. CPT is going all kinds of legit. Good on 'em. I head back in to see everyone, there's three GLTF actor-teachers in the cast, and a lot of other favorite people. They are all putting their hair up, dressed in very nice business office costumes ...

And I felt like I was back at the Fringe. This is always the case with me, surrounded by large casts of giddy, excited, nervous, glamorous, interesting theater people, and then there's me, by myself in street clothes.

We are holding for the second dress ... technical issues. Trying to get the right computer. Good thing, I am exhausted. Really, tonight more than any other rehearsal night for weeks. I'm gonna get down on the floor and stretch.

7:03 PM

Denis walks in with another computer.

9:56 PM

Act One: 1 hour, 2 minutes
Act Two: 1 hour, 8 minutes

Daddy runs fast. Damn. That show makes me hungry.

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