Monday, June 18, 2007

Day Eleven: Lurgan - Cottaging*

Sorry for missing an entry yesterday, it was a big, big travel day with no internet at the end of it. We left Birmingham via air to Belfast. I am pleased and amazed at how well the seven of us have been coping, shipping from city to city like this.

SANDS Chariman Steven and his wife Jackie met us at the airport and helped us get situated with the Big Red Van we've rented. Yes, a rental. Yes, I am driving on the left, seated on the right - and shifting on the left. The 40 minute drive from Belfast to Lurgan, where I will be performing tonight was quite a thrill. Steven reported that I only almost got us into an accident twice.

Steven and Jackie have put us up in cottages for our stay. It's an extended saty, we are taking the risk and traveling and putting on a performance on the same day on Wednesday so I can have a full day to myself tomorrow, touring N.I.

At present I have snuck away from Kelly (actually, I asked her permission) to visit the local library and check email and write this. Just after lunch Steven and I will drive to Belfast for a radio interview (that's an hour's drive each way) and get home in time for dinner, and the show.

I am only slightly disappointed I don't get to see as much as my fellow travelers, but what I do see I will remember. The cottages were a very thoughtful touch, it's fun, you know, staying in a hotel for a short while, but it's also quite constricting. The restaurant situation has also begun to wear on the children.

Last night Toni and I got some basics from the market, and we all sat about, cooking, drinking, cleaning (I broke a glass) eating and just relaxing. They even have a DVD built into the set, and a small selection of movies available. We started watching Love, Actually, which is utter crap.

* Yes, I know what 'cottaging' means.


Henrik said...

No need to apologize. Feel free to spend time doing stuff. You can always write about it later.

The best thing you can say about Love, Actually is that it introduced Bill Nighy (in fact, the entire cast of Blue/Orange) to a much wider audience.

Brian said...

I've never had to google the terms you use in your blog more than I have this week. Y-fronts? Cottaging? I'm glad to hear the tour has been successful and satisfying for you to this point.

Josh said...

Seems like everything is going very well. I wish I could have gone for part of the trip. Please tell Kelly that I miss her and I love her. Keep it up!

Anonymous said...

Hi David:

What operation did you have?

The Fop

pengo said...

Henrik: Ah yes. Much in the same way "Street Smarts" did for Morgan Freeman.

Brian: Corr. Blimey. Bob's your uncle.

Josh: Sorry you missed out on N.I., you would have loved it. Sorry about the apartment, Nick must be having a horrible time.

Denny: This operation.